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Collectable China Dinnerware & Giftware

The term china can be used to describe a number of different products, depending on who you speak to. It usually refers to dinnerware, although china figurines and ornaments are also common. China is a type of porcelain that is characterised by its fine quality and bright white colour, while bone china contains ground bone.
If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone special in your life, collectable china could be the perfect choice. Products like china dinnerware and vases are traditional gifts for weddings, as well as the ninth and 20th anniversaries. Meanwhile, china ornaments and figurines can also be excellent presents for birthdays and christenings.
Fine china is manufactured by a number of companies around the world, many of which have become favourites of collectors and connoisseurs due to their quality and beautiful designs.

A brand that has been manufacturing collectable china tableware for more than 250 years,
Wedgwood was founded by Josiah Wedgwood I, who is often referred to as the 'father of English potters'.
The company is renowned for its black basalt and jasper ornamental designs, which usually have a distinctive, high-contrast appearance that looks fabulous in modern interiors, as well as the more traditional cream-coloured Queen's Ware.
Royal Albert

Known for its elegant floral designs,
Royal Albert is an English china company that was established in 1896. The brand's most famous design is Old Country Roses, a quintessentially English pattern that was launched in 1962 and has sold more than 150 million pieces around the world since it was introduced.
Whether you're looking for traditional style or something retro-chic that's also graceful and pretty, the collection of Royal Albert china is sure to deliver.
Royal Doulton

Offering both collectable china ornaments and tableware,
Royal Doulton was established in 1815 and has grown to be a globally-recognised brand.
Royal Doulton is particularly well known for the collection of Pretty Ladies china figurines - elegantly dressed women wearing flowing dresses from a variety of eras and dressed in traditional clothing from countries around the world. Made from the finest materials and with a careful eye for detail, these china ornaments make excellent birthday presents, and a number of new items are designed every year for Christmas.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, and founded by Josiah Spode in 1770 after perfecting his formula for manufacturing bone china,
Spode is a beloved brand of English pottery most commonly associated with its famous Blue Italian range of collectable china.
This collection of tableware includes everything from plates, teacups and saucers through to cake stands, cheeseboards and vases, all with the characteristic cobalt-blue patterns depicting scenes of the Italian countryside.

Crystal Glassware and Glass Ornaments

Lead glass and crystal glassware have long been favourite gifts to present to couples on their wedding days, as well as for celebrating other special occasions, such as the 15th anniversary. These products are characterised by their heavy weight and stunning sparkle, which often reflects a rainbow of colours.
They were originally manufactured by replacing the calcium naturally found in glass with lead - products generally contained around 40 per cent lead.
However, most modern products contain no lead at all due to health risks. Instead, various other materials are used in the manufacture of crystal glass ornaments - such as barium oxide, zinc oxide or potassium oxide. The finished result is just as beautiful and sparkly as the older formulations, but also safer.
If you're thinking about purchasing crystal gifts or glass ornaments for someone special in your life, there are a number of options to consider.

Established in 1783, in the Irish town of Waterford, 
Waterford Crystal is possibly the best-known name in crystal glassware. Indeed, it has become a world-famous brand, sought after by collectors and renowned for its fine quality and stunning designs.
The collection of Waterford Crystal glassware includes wine glasses, bowls and vases, while a number of elegant glass ornaments are also available. The Waterford butterfly and seahorse are suitable gifts for any occasion and items like crystal baby boots, bears and crosses make excellent christening gifts.

Porcelain Figurines, Home Accessories and Tableware

A type of fine pottery, porcelain has long been a favourite material for tableware and ornaments due to its attractive appearance, strength and hardness. During the 19th century, it gained popularity across Europe, as new manufacturing techniques were developed and many of today's best-known brands were established during that period.
Porcelain figurines and tableware are traditional gifts for weddings and other special occasions like christenings.  And if you're looking for a present to mark a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas, there's sure to be a collectable ornament to suit the situation.
Choosing the right porcelain gift will depend on the person who is receiving the gift and their personal tastes, as well as the decor of their home. Each porcelain manufacturer has a distinctive style, so be sure to think about what would look good in the recipient's kitchen, dining room or living room.

A modern porcelain company, 
Portmeirion was founded in 1960 by pottery designer Susan Williams-Ellis.
She established the business with an aim to create beautiful and functional collections of porcelain ornaments and tableware and the brand is now known for its attractive and striking designs, many of which feature lovely textures and unique twists that set them apart from the crowd.

This German brand was the first in Europe to develop hard-paste porcelain. Production started in 1710 and continues today, as 
Meissen manufactures stunning tableware in a variety of patterns, many of which were originally produced in the 18th and 19th centuries.
One of the company's most exquisite designs has a white base with an intricate cobalt-blue floral pattern. Scalloped edges and elegant curves make these porcelain products a favourite. Meanwhile, the company also offers a variety of hand-painted porcelain animal ornaments.

Founded in 1826, Hungarian porcelain company 
Herend was a purveyor to the Habsburg Dynasty during the mid-19th century, and the brand was a favourite among the European aristocracy.
The company still manufactures many of its classic tableware patterns, while collectable ornaments from Herend are also extremely popular. These porcelain figurines are characterised by their bright colours and detailed patterns. What's more, most items feature sparkling embellishments in hand-gilded gold for a touch of opulence and style. Choose from a variety of collectable ornaments like animals including ducks, turtles, horses, bears, sharks, rhinos, roosters and bunnies. Planes, trains and cars are also available.

First manufactured in the mid-1950s in Spain, 
Lladro porcelain figurines are known for their sweet designs, pale colours and wonderful sense of movement.
These porcelain dolls and collectable ornaments make great gifts for special occasions - for children and new parents, there are baby and christening figurines and designs based on fairytales, while other options include items depicting figures from Hinduism and Buddhism. There are also a number of Christmas and birthday designs.

Sinclairs Collectables

Whatever the occasion, if you're looking for beautiful china ornaments or tableware, you're sure to find something perfect with Sinclair Collectables.
We specialise in providing high-quality china collectables, as well as crystal and glassware, and our products come from some of the top European manufacturers, including Mason's, Royal Crown Derby and John Beswick.
Ordering online is easy with our secure website, and we take great pride in providing the best customer service possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch on 0114 275 0333. You can also visit our shops in London, Stamford, Sheffield and Doncaster.


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